Komodo Island Not Closed

Finally that Komodo island is not to close on 2020. But newest plans of Indonesian government to rise up the entrance fee. It’s not only Komodo island but also around the area. It’s new polemic for locals and tourism business.

Since beginning 2019, the Komodo National Park very low visit. It’s because of the issues to close the island for visitors. After the government cancel to close the island of Komodo, then this time has a new issue.

Entrance fee according to the government will rise up to 1,000.00 US per person per day. The boat charge 300 – 400 US per boat for once anchorage. Although it’s not valid yet, but it very danger for tourism effects.

Is it penalty this time?

Although not penalty yet, but there are many tourists cancel the trip to Komodo National park. Since beginning of 2020, so many tourists and cruises were canceled to Komodo island. However this polemic give very bad impact for tourism business. In the middle of high target visitors to Indonesia, but at the same time government is giving the the bad issue.

Penalty or not however the issue make very bad impacts. Many stakeholder, locals and tourism businesses are disappoint. This time there are not so many tourists coming to Labuan Bajo. It’s meaning that there are not also tourists visit to the Komodo National Park.

In the hope that fail to validate

All stakeholder for this time hope to cancel this draft. According to stakeholder that rise up of entrance can make stop for tourists to visit Komodo island. It’s very contradiction between the master plan with the policy. It is opposite.

On other hand want to increase the visiting, but on the other hand make to stop visiting through the policies. Many associations of tourism sectors are fighting for this policy this time. While this news is publishing, the Indonesian government has not yet decided on this policy.

Very bad impact for tourism workers

As far as the government make penalty for this policy, then more than two thousand tourism workers will lost the job. It increase unemployment for tourism sectors. Not to include locals and indirect workers.

Maybe can to close more than three thousand peoples losing the job. The policy is killing thousand of peoples. Because of they are losing the job. To rise up the entrance on Komodo island is same to close the island for tourists.

Solution beyond Komodo island

To be sure that tourists can see the Komodo Dragons. But not at the island of Komodo. Tourists will see the Komodo Dragon at the island of Rinca, Nusa Kode, Gili Motang as well as Flores island. Because of Dragon not only living at Komodo but also they are living on the those islands above. So that just to make Flores tour Indonesia. It’s including to see the Dragon Indonesia.

But we have make big change for the guests who have confirm for this year. At the same time we have to arrange new program for all in all marketing. This time we confuse to change or not. Because of the policy is not to decide yet.

So that if you are want to visit here, please ask our team. Get update information. Ask at all in detail. Because something change can get last minute.

Komodo island in polemic the entrance

We hope that the government change the mind this time. Discourse is running up to the present time. In the hope that can give the best solution for locals. Because of Komodo island is very important places. Not only for Komodo dragons but also to do dive, wild life and other tourist attractions.

To there all cruise ships are always stop. Cruise ship tours are doing only on Komodo island. Up to the present time many cruise ship cancel to stop at Komodo island.

Its will become big crisis for tourism sector. A lot of peoples are losing the job. And also many peoples out there can stop their products. To begin with local farmers, breeder, fishermen and so on.

Tourism crisis

Of course it will make crisis of tourism sector. If this happen and penalty by the government then crisis is happening too. Finally, it cancels so that locals are going happy. And the entrance fee of Komodo island back to the normal. In the hope that Komodo tourism to be good in the next time.

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