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Komodo or Varanus Komodoensis is largest lizard in the world. That is only find at Komodo national park. Most of peoples know about it. Because of biggest reptile in the world. You can’t find at other places. It’s reptile from Dinosaur era.

How to get there

It’s so easy to get Komodo. You just go Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. From there all tours Komodo to begin with boat trip. Point your flight to Labuan Bajo town. After that take a boat trip. Labuan Bajo is the only place to start. No other places.

How to make tour

To do a tour is so easy. So many travel and tour companies. But choose Komodo Mega Tours as your partner. Because of it’s the best tour company so far. Not more than Mega Tours. Find Mega Tours this time.

What is package tours to go there

Find Komodo tour packages. That is only tour packages you can get. Because of no other tour packages can do. The only package tours you can do. From time to time this tour packages are running.

If you get this tour packages, then you go in the right place. But if you not do this tour packages, so it’s wrong way you do.

Komodo tour company

Choose the above tour company. Because of Mega tours is the best one. No more of Mega Tours. That is only the best tour company from time to time. So that you get comfortable trip.


Komodo Island Not Closed

10 February 2020 318x Travel Indonesia For Flores Komodo

Finally that Komodo island is not to close on 2020. But newest plans of Indonesian government to rise up the entrance fee. It’s not only Komodo island but also around the area. It’s new polemic for locals and tourism business.... read more

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