Flores Indonesia Tour Packages

Flores Indonesia tour
Flores Indonesia tour
Flores Indonesia tour

Flores Indonesia is an island in the middle of Indonesia together with small islands surrounding. However the island of Flores Indonesia is a tourist destination. Administratively Flores is an island of East Nusa Tenggara province. The island i a part of Lesser Sunda group, starts from Bali, West and East Nusa Tenggara province. Lesser Sunda is a group island in the east of Java island.

The island of Flores Indonesia is uniquely both topography and social life. The topography is mountainous and hilly all over the land. While the culture is colorful where most different between the region. Even to the local languages where speaking more than five languages.

Flores also is one of colonialism island by Portuguese and Dutch. Dutch stayed in the west part of Flores island. While Portuguese colonized in the east part of Flores until east Timor island. For this reason why Flores peoples are mostly Catholic. It’s because of colonialism by two those countries.

Since at time Flores Indonesia well-known by European. At the same time foreign starts to visit Flores island. But most of them at the time to see nature and peoples.

How to get Flores Indonesia

This time it’s so easy to get Flores island. You only take at least one and half hour from Bali island. Or take more than 2 hours from Java island. Flores is an island with many airports. But the only two airports are using for large flight connections. Also connect to from and to major cities in Indonesia.

First is Maumere airport in the east part of Flores island. Several cities are connecting to Maumere airport. There are direct flights are connecting and also transit connections. As far as Maumere airport is fully booked, then you can choose Ende airport. Ende airport is alternatively as long as Muamere is full. Ende airport is located in the middle of Flores island.

While Labuan Bajo airport is an international airport since 2013. It’s in the west part of Flores island. It is most highest traffic airport in East Nusa Tenggara province for this time. There is more than eight flight every day. Connect to several cities in Indonesia. To there all flight as long as you wan to make Komodo tours. So easy to get Flores Indonesia through Labuan Bajo airport.

What to see there

There are a lot of tourist attractions to see on Flores Indonesia. To begin with wonderful of nature, culture, way of life and so much more. You see not only on the land but also on the see. There are two place for snorkeling or diving there. The islands are located in the north cost of Flores island. Maumere bay and Riung 17 islands are very important place for Flores marine tourism.

One of the most wonderful place to see is Kelimutu three colored lake. It’s in the middle of Flores island. Kelimutu lake is become first reason why tourists visit Flores Indonesia. Because of become a world wonderful place and dramatic sight. Kelimutu is a national park in Indonesia. Not only to see wonderful of the lake but also bird exploration. Some endemic birds can find there. But you need to arrange with special tour.

See so much more

Traditional villages or houses can find along the island of Flores Indonesia. You will see the difference between regency. What is colorful of traditional villages or houses each region. At the same time the tradition every regency is differently. And also local language is different from one to another regencies. More than twelve dialects are speaking and six different languages. For this reason why Flores peoples should to speak Bahasa Indonesia to the different regency.

There are more things to see there. As long as you have plan to visit the island of Flores Indonesia, let we know. We recommend take more than five day to see more.

Flores tour packages Indonesia

To make easier to know the places to go, let you to see the Flores tour packages. By Flores tour packages you will know the places to visit, programs, route and duration. You will know also tour cost each tour package.

First thing to remember is Flores tour always combined with tour Komodo. Because of there is not so many peoples to visit Flores only. But tourists are always visit Flores and Komodo from time to time. So that we always arrange Flores Komodo tour in a tour package.

Where to start

Normally the tours are always to begin with overland from east to west of Flores Indonesia. But you can do from west to east of Flores island. Most of our tour programs here arranged to begin with overland from the east part. You will be ending in the town of Labuan Bajo. But before ending you make tour Komodo first. After that fly out from Labuan Bajo town.

Main activities on Flores tour Indonesia

Overland is first activity for Flores island tours. While boat trip is first activity to do for the islands. The islands group start from Maumere bay, Riung and Komodo National park. The very important tour boat is tours to Komodo national park.

Trekking or hiking, walking and snorkeling are main activities to do trip along Flores Komodo. Short walking is always doing to see tourist objects. While to see underwater you have to do snorkeling. Those all activities are doing as far as you do tour Flores Indonesia.

Special tour packages

We have special Flores tour packages since set up until this time. This is for special interest tour. We put altogether in Eco tour Flores Komodo. Eco tour is special tour package. We arrange combine to do regular and special interest. So that you see different than other peoples. Get different experience from one to another places.

To do Eco tour needed special experience. Because our region is different with other parts of Indonesia. Flores and Komodo are driest area in Indonesia. Imagine you do special trek with hot weather. For this reason why we recommend for experience tourists. To know more for Eco tour Flores Komodo, let to see our offers.

Flores Indonesia tour packages

As long as you are interesting to visit Flores Indonesia, let we know. For this reason we are here. We are here to help you. In the hope that meet with your plans. Flores island is our home. Because of that we focus for Flores tour. From time to time we Flores tour. We need get more tourists from year to year.

Then now we wait your news. Maybe you want to do Flores tour. Perhaps you want to do this time. Or maybe you do in the next time. Join our offers. Find our services. See our land. What different between other islands. Come see Flores and the islands of Komodo dragon this time. Now we are waiting your requests.