Flores Island tours Indonesia

Flores Island tours
Flores Island tours
Flores Island tours

Flores Island tours is all travel information to visit Flores Indonesia. Located on east part of Bali on East Nusa Tenggara province. Flores is one of the Indonesia’s island. It’s well-known for tourist destination because of wonderful of Kelimutu three colored lake.  Kelimutu lake is located in central of Flores Island.

Here, travelers can find some travel information about Flores Island tours. Not details but we give in general especially tour information. Maybe travelers can a part how to make tours in Flores Island.

How to get Flores Island

To get Flores Island is very easy by travelers. Traveler can do either with air or sea transportation. It’s connect from any part of Indonesia. Bali island is main connection to get Flores, either with flight or cruises. Kupang city in west part of Timor island connect with flight, Ferry or Pelni boat(national passenger boat).

Bali and Java to Flores Island

Also from Java Island, but all flight should transit in Bali Island. Pelni boat is main sea transport for local peoples connect between the island. Ferry boat is short distance sea transportation also can get. But please re check the schedules. Travelers can make direct booking for the flights. Or you pay directly from country you are staying.

Travelers will a lot of tourist attraction along the island. The island is length more than 800 kilometers from east to west. While about 20 kilometers from north to the south. Some tourist object here can discover easily. Because mostly the road is pavement. Except to the country side, the road is stony or bumpy.

Tourist attractions

Explore the nature, culture, tradition and way of life. The main tourist attraction is Kelimutu lake, Riung seventeen islands, Bena traditional village, Wae Rebo primitive village and more. To see details of tourist objects can see on our tour program. Yes of course on our main site that offers all kind of Flores Island tours.

On our tourism business we offers Flores Island tours in tour packages. So, travelers will know the duration of holidays. And also to know the prices and what to include in our service or not. Here we suggest travelers to do tour in Flores at least 5 days. Because the road is windy all over the land.

Holidays duration

If travelers have longer holidays, so seven days become our recommendation. It will cross not so hurry from one to other regency. Because the tour will doing with overland from one to other regency. So travelers can see more tourist attraction along the trip.

Accommodation, travel agency and tour packages

The accommodation is available every town even to the villages. Mostly the hotel around the island is not star class. But the rooms are available for tourist. Facilities are good with big size room, western toilet and hot or cold water. No air condition for hotel on high land except at low land.

Because of limited room each hotel, so travelers need to book early to keep the room. Not all hotel can make online booking. Some hotel still use manual booking also re check after. Normally we do call by telephone to book or confirm the room. So, travelers need local agent or partner to make booking. The only place you can get star hotel is Labuan Bajo town. Here you will find many star hotel and other tourism supporting.

Local travel agency

As long as you go through local travel agency, so will make guarantee to get all services. But very important to know the company is legal or not. Because the online marketing can do by every one. So please check before booking or make reservation. Normally all legal travel company use company’s bank account not personal account. Also check telephone of Facsimile. Mobile number is not guarantee legal company or not.

Legal travel company

When you book through legal travel company, of course you will get guarantee starts from transaction until the services on the field. Not to force travelers but this is our suggestion before get any problem. Because not all online marketing without legality honest. Official telephone number in Flores Island is starts from 038… so you know to check. Also to know is originally Flores or from other island. Flores Komodo tour packages are all in all arranged by Komodo Mega Tours.

Flores Komodo tour package

As long as my experience that travelers normally doing together with Flores and Komodo in a tour packages. Except Komodo tours because you can separately. But should come through the town of Labuan Bajo in west part of Flores Island. Here we always recommend starts from east to west part of Flores Island. Because travelers can make relaxing on the boat trip to Komodo after long overland.

Here is your Flores Island tours

So we suggest travelers doing at least 5 days around Flores. And also do it with legal travel company to make guarantee of everything. Point the flight to Flores from the place you started your trip. You can’t drive by your own. No rental without driver. Only drive by local driver. Because the road is challenge with windy and a lot of cliff.

If you want to make Flores Island tours, so we recommend to right travel company. Except you know each other before or at least recommended from right friend of you. Here is the right way for you do a tour in Flores Indonesia.

Flores Island tours

We are here is experience Flores Travel company since 1996, working with good team either at office or on the field. No boosting only in online but we grow with well experience. We hope travelers can get fully services from our travel company. We got a lot of recommendation with highest reputation from our clients. That is a reason why we run well till today.

But we tell travelers that if you come with our travel company, please make early booking. It’s important to get fully service according to our standard. Because our length experience in Flores Komodo tourism business, so we always learn from year to year.