Flores Island Tours

Flores island tours

Flores island tours is a tour to Flores island in Indonesia that offers by Komodo Mega Tours. Flores island tours will bring visitors to see nature, culture, tradition, peoples and way of life on the island of Flores. Flores is an island of Indonesia archipelago located east part of Bali. Flores is a part of Lesser Sunda island’s group that stretching from Bali, West and East Nusa Tenggara province. A lot of interesting place to see on the island where visitors can get detail travel information from Flores island travel company who has a lot of experience as locals.

The story talking about how beauty of the island since Portuguese arrived on north part of the island and showed a lot of corals under water when their expedition boat ran aground on reef. Since at the time forerunner to the name of the island of Flores that mean flower. It is not flower on the land but flower of the sea that call Corals. By the Portuguese colonialism make peoples on the island believe to the Catholic more than 80% of total population.

Since 1980 up, Flores become one of the tourist destination in Indonesia, its more influence by backpacks who visit year to year since Dutch took over the colonialism from Portuguese. Catholic mission spread out all over the land and work to change locals mindset. Education, Agriculture and livestock move to different system from old to new system. Since this era, local peoples know more about life circulation of trade and the things change to become a transaction. This movement also change everything of mindset how to organize something to be clear and secure something to reserve.

Tours Flores Island
Tours Flores Island

Today, population almost 3 million peoples are living mostly to coastal area. Agriculture is the main job of the locals with semi traditional system. Livestock is second daily life to use on their ceremony and trade. Fishermen mostly migrant peoples from other part of Indonesia. Such as; Java, Sulawesi, Sumbawa, Lombok and other islands of Indonesia. Local peoples are holding culture and tradition in strengthen as their old believe before Christian era coming through on this island.

Tourism sector is one of the main point for future since visitors increase of visiting from year to year. Travel agent, hotels and restaurant grow quick each the capital of the regency throughout of the island. Land, sea and air transportation grow quick supported by infrastructure is building. Flores is one the island with many airport in Indonesia. Almost every regency has a an airport to connect between the islands of the province. East Nusa Tenggara province is covering more 600 islands, so this reason why set up many airport on our province. The good connection for tourism activity is start from Bali or Java island. Maumere town on east part and Labuan Bajo town on the west part become main gate way to visit Flores Island.

To get Flores Island now is very easy by daily flight from Bali, Jakarta, Kupang, Surabaya, Lombok and other islands of Indonesia. But all flight from Java, Sulawesi or Lombok island should be transit in Denpasar Bali before fly to Flores Island. Labuan Bajo town, on west part of Flores Island is new great tourism attraction where the airport become an international airport since 2015 that connect to the big cities in Indonesia. Today there is daily direct flight between Jakarta – Labuan Bajo – Jakarta serve by Garuda airline. This reason why Flores island tours in easy to reach from many island of Indonesia.

Eco Flores island tours
Eco Flores island tours

Flores island reaches soft adventure level of tourism activity since access easy to connect either inter island or intern the land. A lot tourist attractions can find from nature, culture, tradition, corals, fishes and way of life. One of most wonder and dramatic sight of the nature is Kelimutu Three colored lake in central of Flores Island. Riung 17 islands is one of new tourism destination with strong marine attractions for snorkeling or diving.

Accommodation is easy to find each regency on the island with standard facilities and clean room. No star hotels but all can use by visitors. The hotel that set up on the high land mostly use how water while air condition room for coastal area. Stars hotel can find in Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores Island where completely with standard service. Restaurants can find every where on the island with European and Indonesia style. Javanese and Sumatra spice almost dominate on the island.

Local travel agent with base on Flores by local peoples grow up quickly where visitors can find on the internet searching. But make carefully to know legal Travel company or not to become your partner for tours on Flores Island Indonesia. Any transaction will know that legal or not because all legal Travel company in Indonesia will use company’s account for all transaction. If use personal account, it is personal marketing in the internet. Legal Travel company normally use official telephone number and Fax beyond company’s bank account. Legality Travel company is very important suggesting to secure all your payment because all easy to control by government of Indonesia.

Finally, we would welcome for all visitor who want to visit the island of Flores Indonesia hope will get your dream enjoy everything what we have. Your impressions will make increase the visitors every year. Thanks for all visitors who been on Flores Island, especially the clients who use our service during tours on Flores Island. Komodo Mega Tours is first leading Travel company of Flores Island, set up on 2010 by origin of Flores to support the government program in tourism sector. We are legal Travel company with using tourism management system for our future development. The Flores island travel company where has own land and sea transportation to support our operation on the field. We offer all kind of Flores island tours with Flores Komodo tour package that publishing on our official website.