Tour Flores Komodo

Article tour Flores Komodo
Article tour Flores Komodo
Article tour Flores Komodo

Find here all in all article of Flores Komodo tour. It’s for Flores island tour and Komodo National Park tours. Get in detail travel information here through our article. Of course can give you more information about Flores Komodo tourism. From time to time we publish article of Flores Komodo. So that you have tips before to visit.

Flores Komodo tourism is not only for Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park but also including surrounding islands. Furthermore we write article for all the islands of Indonesia in the next time. That is our next plans of our blog. We hope that can give contribution for reader around the world. Hope this article trip Flores Komodo can give meaningful for you.

Flores island tour together with Komodo tours

However Flores can’t separate with Komodo National Park. Because of whatever you wan to do tour Komodo then you should go through Flores island. For this reason why Flores island is very important for tours Komodo national park. If you want to see deepest of Flores island, then just do it with Flores Komodo tour packages. To see in detail of Flores Komodo tour packages, you can read our other article of Flores Komodo tourism.

So that you see Flores island together with Komodo national park in once visiting. You need only minimum five days tour Flores Komodo. But we suggest to do at least seven days to get good result of your holidays. As far as you have not enough time then you can do under of seven days for Flores Komodo tour. We tell you here through our article Flores Komodo travel to give the right choice prior to visiting.

To begin with Flores island tourism on our article

Flores including surrounding islands are main Indonesia tourism so far. A lot of tourist attractions can find both on Flores and surrounding islands. North part of Flores island there are two group of the islands. In the north of Maumere town, you find several small islands. Several spots are still damage from earthquake on 1992. But most of corals are growing from time to time. Look in detail of article tour Flores Komodo on our official website.

Go more to the west part in the north of Flores that is Riung 17 islands. The beauty tiny islands are find there. Virgin nature, wonderful of corals and colorful fishes can find only with snorkeling. Both Maumere bay and Riung seventeen islands are good place to do snorkeling or diving. It’s so much things to see there.

North part of Flores island for this time is always crossing by cruise boat for snorkeling or diving. Because of there several places can do diving or snorkeling. As far as you have not on cruise boat, then you can do with Flores overland tour from east to west or vice versa. By doing tours Flores island then you can do two great places for snorkeling. Let to see article of travel Flores Komodo on other travel blogs.

World new seven natural wonder of Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is covering more than thirty islands around. First largest island is Komodo. Rinca is the second largest island of Komodo national park. All the islands are very important for visitors since 1980 up to the present time. Because of it’s one of the best Indonesia tourism from time to time. The only place where you see Komodo Dragon on their natural habitat. Perhaps this article can find also on Flores Komodo tour.

Tours Komodo National Park is not only to see Komodo Dragons but also to see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. Most of the islands are covering with corals and fishes. You see at all only with snorkeling. As long as you have time so we can do together with Komodo tour packages. So that you do combining between Komodo dragon tours and snorkeling in a Komodo tour package. You don’t do with separate time to do snorkeling and see the islands of Komodo dragon. That is why we publish our article here for you to know more about Flores Komodo tour.

Tour Flores Komodo

However this trip Flores Komodo article help you how to make holidays to Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. In the hope that you get much information before tour Flores Komodo. From time to time we publish article Flores Komodo travel. Because of our goal is to promote Flores Komodo tourism.

We do since set up until this time. Here is our home. Because of this reason why we are here. Let we get your request this time. Or ask whatever you want to do. Look also our article tour Flores Komodo on other blogs we have so far. Now we wait your news. Perhaps you do this time. Or maybe you do in the next time.