Highlight Indonesia Tours

Highlight Indonesia tours

Highlight Indonesia tours discover Indonesia tourism destination can find some island in Indonesia. Here you visit the island of Komodo national park, Flores, Bali, Lombok, Java, Borneo and other islands in Indonesia. Furthermore, highlight Indonesia tours arrange for holidays to Indonesia. However traveler need time to cover highlight Indonesia tours.

Which part are going to visit?

It’s covering all the islands but some island will be visited. Here you will find the top Indonesia tourism. The island of Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok, Komodo, Flores and other islands would be a part of highlight Indonesia tours. To cover the islands above, so we suggest make minimum 15 days. Because you should do one to another island. Of course to cross between the islands need to spend longer time.

If you do with tour to see the tourism destination, so you can’t cover all over the tourist objects. It’s because 15 days arrange for highlight Indonesia tours only. Maybe you do other tourist object in next visiting. But you can do more if you have longer holidays. As long as you have longer holidays and focus to make tours to Indonesia, so just inform us. So we can arrange more tourist destination along your holidays.

What are going to see?

Here travelers will see Orang Utan, Borobudur temple, Komodo dragon, corals, paradise island, Lombok tribe and more. Orang Utan will be seen at Tanjung Puting National Park as our route of this offers. In Java Island you will see Borobudur temple. Tribe of Lombok peoples will see on Lombok Island. While Komodo dragon will find at the islands of Komodo national park. And also is the world tourism destination is Bali Island.

How to cover at all?

It’s depending which place or island as your entry point in Indonesia. On highlight Indonesia tours you have 3 main international airport. Bali, Jakarta and Lombok airport are available connect from many country. But if you other entry point, so you can do also from there. Maybe you should connect to the airports in Java, Bali, Lombok, Borneo and Flores Island. So far there are many airport every Island can connect daily for domestic flights.

Which travel company can get?

There are many travel company in Indonesia so far. But not all owner of travel company are Indonesian. Some travel company owned by overseas. Maybe all the same but you will find different experience between Indonesian and overseas. It’s influenced by some aspect but all will give you good services. But you have to check the legality of travel company. Because there are many online market without license can find now.

It’s important for you to get safety along your holidays. I think this is first thing should to check before doing something. We don’t force you or because of become our competitor but to suggest travelers. Also you can see the organization too. Usually legal travel company be a part of legal association of Indonesia travel agency.

How long will cover highlight Indonesia tours?

As i am telling above that you do minimum 15 days to cover. Better you have more than 15 days, so can see more places. So just tell us how long your holidays. We arrange according to your length of stay. We are here to help any visitors who want use travel services. Maybe you can find some program or Indonesia tour packages on our official websites. Because we are here only make the new of travel.

Komodo Mega Tours

We are leading Travel Company since 2010. Present to arrange all kind of Komodo tours, tours on Flores Island and travel to other islands of Indonesia. Maybe we are not the best but we have skill to arrange at all. Although we focuses offer tours to Flores Komodo but we also arrange tour to another Island.

Komodo Mega Tours is legal travel company since 2012. Now we have few team either at the office or field. Also we have own land and sea transportation. That is reason why we success for any tours in Indonesia. Yes of course we are Indonesian. So we know more about our country so far.

How to book and confirm?

Just go visit our official website. Then find our tour packages either as our focuses or beyond. As long as you don’t find, so just send us email. Of course we give respond quickly. Go to next and you make decide to go or not. Ask anything whatever you don’t know yet. Make clear information before make deal with us.

As long as you agree with our offers, so next is invoice. Yes of course we need deposit to cover all tour components. You should make deposit at least 1 month on low season. While on high season you should book at least two month before. We always ask rest payment at least 2 weeks before your arrival in our country.

Can make sharing highlight Indonesia tours?

Since we set up our travel company, we always do in private tour. So that all our tour packages we service in private. We never accept sharing trip either for domestic or overseas. You don’t waste your time only wait for nothing. Because sharing tours will make complicate. That is reason why we only arrange Indonesia private tour packages. Yes of course because it’s our feature.

Hope you also understand how to make sharing trip. Wait for long time to collect maybe make everybody boring. We are also not come on this way.

Where i find official website?

Here is the official site you can go. www.komodomegatours.com or www.ematour.com

As long as you are interesting so click the sites above. Because you will find whatever you want. A lot of tour packages can find there. Reach us as long as you don’t find what do you want.

Highlight Indonesia tours

So far our company account using IDR but you can transfer in USD, EURO or other currency. Maybe you have to check the rate before send. Because our company account here, so we don’t accept Credit card, Visa or other payments. At the same time you should make wire transfer. But i know you can do online from your country.

Highlight Indonesia tours

In some area or islands we don’t have branch office. So we do with our best partners. Of course they are selected travel partner and legal travel company. So far we have good co operation with other travel agency. We do to help each others. Our travel partners so far run as well. We have travel partner either domestic or overseas.