Tours Komodo National Park

Tours Komodo
Tours Komodo
Tours Komodo

Tours Komodo National Park is a world tourism destination in Indonesia. Covering more than 30 islands, Komodo National Park become land and marine life attraction. Not only for seeing Komodo dragon and other wild life but also world class diving spot. More than 1,000 species are living here. Unique driest nature also become one of the specific attraction.

A world heritage site here is tours Komodo

Komodo National Park is one of national park in Indonesia. Located in west part of Flores Island or north of Sumbawa Island. Here is one of the world tourism destination. It’s because of Komodo dragons. The only place of the world where we can see the biggest lizard on their natural habitat.

Main islands here to visit on tours Komodo

The major island is Komodo, Rinca, Gili Motang, Nusa Kode and Padar. Since 1980, Komodo national Park was established as a national park in Indonesia. Then on 2013, Komodo Island become the seven natural wonder of the world. Komodo dragon is living on the major island. But main island to visit is Komodo and Rinca.

Rinca and Komodo Island is main island to see Komodo dragon and wild life. Here is for regular trip. It’s available also for travelers see Komodo dragon and wild life to other islands. But you should need special arrangement to do. because needed special arrangement too.

Wonderful to see there

On tours Komodo you are not only see Komodo dragon. But travelers will see other wild life, wonderful of corals and fishes. Buffalo, deer, wild horse, monkey and some kind of the bird become a part of attraction. Komodo dragon and wild life will do with trekking or walking on the land. While to see corals and fishes will do with snorkeling or diving.

Flight to get there

To make a good trip, so travelers should to point the flight to the town of Labuan Bajo. No trip can do without through Flores Island. Komodo airport in Labuan Bajo town, become a gate way to reach Flores Island. From here you will get boat at the harbor.

The flight mostly starts from Bali Island. It’s departure daily with more than 5 flights a day. Also starts from Jakarta city on Java island. There are 2 flights a day. Travelers can starts from other islands but should transit in Bali before fly to west Flores Island.

Boat trip Komodo

To cover the islands of Komodo national park, so boat or speed boat become main transportation. All boat trip to Komodo National park can get only in Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores island. Here is main tourism supporting facilities can be found. Here is the only place traveler can make tours Komodo. Because there is not other place to use as a starting point.

Classes of boat trip Komodo

Boat trip is classified from deck, cabin with fan or cabin with air condition. Deck boat normally use for daily trip from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park. While cabin boat either with AC or not used for live aboard. All boat trip completely with standard facilities supporting. Except the boat not register to the master harbor.

Travel agency for Komodo tour

Our travel company has own boat and also working with our partners. We have selected boat and all register to the master harbor. It’s to secure and control during operation. That is reason why we got a lot of recommend for all tours Komodo National Park. Our boat service available from cabin with fan or cabin with air condition.

All our team either at the office or fielding have train well in tourism services. So all service can give the best for our clients. As the legal travel company bases in the town of Labuan Bajo, we working under the government control. So all our services to the clients will become representative of tourism sector.

Find legal Komodo travel company

As the legal travel company, we use company’s bank account. All transaction for tours Komodo national Park or other tour should be paying to company’s account. All team either at the office or field are local peoples with well training. Also our permanent office in the heart of Labuan Bajo town with supporting facilities make our team working on well spirit. Not only arrange Komodo tour but also we arrange Flores island trip. This our passion from time to time.

Here is your Tours to Komodo National park

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Komodo tour together with Flores island tours

Together with Flores island tours we always put in a tour packages. It is combining Flores Komodo trip. Take Flores Komodo tour package whenever you want to visit both of destination. But please check duration of your holidays. Usually you need minimum five days. We always recommend here start from east to west Flores.

Tours Komodo national Park

Please contact us if want to make tours Komodo National Park. Here we offer all kind of Komodo tours departs either from Bali Island or Jakarta city. Appreciation we give the clients as long as you make clear information before make a deal with our services.

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