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Flores island is one of the island in Indonesia located in the east part of Bali Island. It’s one of biggest island in East Nusa Tenggara province. The island was well-known since Dutch stayed on this island. Before Dutch arrival, Portuguese arrived previously. But Portuguese stayed in the east part of Flores including small islands until east Timor. Dutch colonized in the middle and west part of Flores island.

On colonialism era of Dutch, they started to build the road and also spread out of Christianity for locals. Because of Dutch brought with German mission, so most of peoples received the Catholic religion. That is reason why this time Flores peoples are Catholic. Dutch introducing Flores island to the world. And then since at the time Flores knows by foreigner.


Most of the land is covering by mountainous and hilly. Only few part of the land is flat area. This is a reason why Flores’s road most windy all over the island. Challenge driving is always doing by local driver. With this condition makes take longer time with short distance.

Most of the land also is covering by dry forest. Only in the west part of Flores island, you find rain forest. That is why low rainy season every year. But plants are growing well all over the area during on rainy season. Rainy season is coming on December to May, but not every month. Strong rainy season is coming January and February. Some area there are some irrigation can find along Flores island.


Originally is Flores peoples are migration about second century. They most come from big land of China. Crossed from one to another islands from west to east part of Indonesia. On the decade of their arrival was not Chinese origin. But most of them was latest generation. Perhaps some of them have married with locals in Sumatera, Java, Bali, Lombok and other islands.

According to the type, Flores peoples divided two type that is Polynesian and Melanesian. Melanesian most staying in the west part, whiles Polynesian most stay in the east part of Flores island. The Melanesian most of skin is brown whiles Polynesian most of black color.

Local peoples more than 80% are farmer both on the mountain and coastal area. The rest is fishermen, officer, private and business. Agriculture is growing well on the mountain while short life plants are growing well on coastal area. Flores island also well-known with candle nut, cashew nut and more.

Culture and tradition

Flores is unique island so far. Not only because of nature but also by the unique culture and tradition. More than five local languages are speaking. Uniquely is every regency different language, culture and tradition. For this reason why there are so many different traditional villages or houses along the Flores island.

Each regency is different traditional houses or village with differently construction. Following with different motif of hand weaving. Along Flores island, you will see colorful of hand weaving. Different regency is different hand weaving, language, culture and tradition. Flores island is well-known by hand weaving. This time most of Flores hand weaving using for national uniform. Some of business men are making export to other countries.

How to travel Flores island

Are you looking for traveling to Flores island? A lot thing to see along the islands. To begin with nature, culture, tradition, locals hand weaving and so much more to see. To get Flores is very easy for this time. Travelers can connect through air or sea transportation. There are so many sea port along the island. The airports are easy to find every regency along the island.

But there are three major airports are well connecting now. Starting from the east is Maumere, in the middle is Ende and in the west is Labuan Bajo town. The biggest airport is Labuan Bajo town. From Labuan Bajo town is connecting to or from other major cities in Indonesia.

Most of travelers step by step go around the island. Travel to Flores is need time to visit all over the area. It’s because of the topography is mountainous and hilly. So the road is windy make challenge driving. The road is most pavement and good connect until the isolation area. Some region still see bumpy road.

To make good travel, here we recommend to use Flores tour operator and travel company. So your arrangement will organize according to local condition from one to another regency. The itineraries are following local condition. To make good traveling along Flores island is needed 9 days. That is go through along the island.

Together with Komodo National park

Flores is very important island to do a tour to the islands of Komodo national park. It is because of travelers can’t go Komodo National Park without Flores island. To make Komodo tours, you should go to Labuan Bajo town. It’s located in the western part of Flores island. From Labuan Bajo town, you do all kind of Komodo tours.

That’s reason why Flores is very important for Komodo trip. Labuan Bajo town is center of tourism for Komodo tour and Flores tour Indonesia. So far we make together Flores and Komodo tour. We make on Flores Komodo tour packages. You only choose which one you can do. You can do only for Komodo tour or do Flores and Komodo tours. Flores Komodo tourism are the best tour destination in Indonesia.

Flores island travel

Travel Flores island is a world tour destination for this time. Kelimutu three colored lake is a world wonderful and dramatic sight in the middle of Flores. Kelimutu National Park is the best tourist destination from time to time. Not only to see wonderful of three colored lake, but also make birds watching exploration. Some endemic birds can find here.

There are a lot thing to see along Flores Island. To know more about what to see in Flores, just contact our team. We are here to organize Flores island travel. We are local peoples of Flores. Together with Komodo National Park, we arrange very for travelers. Let we know as long as you are interesting to visit Flores and Komodo island.

Welcome to Flores and hope meet your dream to wonderful of nature, culture, tradition and so much more.

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