About Komodo Mega Tours

About Komodo Mega Tours
About Komodo Mega Tours
About Komodo Mega Tours

About Komodo Mega Tours is our firstly travel blog to find Flores Komodo Indonesia. Here we write articles from Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. We collect travel information from our field team. They are belong to Komodo Mega Tours. That is Flores Komodo tour guide. Komodo tours is firstly arrangement. Together with Flores island tours why we are here now.

Know more about Komodo Mega Tours

We are a leading Flores tour operator and travel agency. Located in the center of Labuan Bajo town. From here we are from. For this reason why we are here now. We are dedicating in tourism business since set up on 2012. This time we have successful organize trip Flores Komodo or Flores Komodo tours.

Legal travel company – about Komodo Mega Tours

Our license is PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA since 2012. This is Indonesian tour operator bases in west Flores Island. So that you don’t worry our legality. Our license is for tourism business. Operate for Flores Komodo as well as other islands. That is to say our travel license operate all over Indonesia. But our first goal is Flores Komodo trip.

Funding father

I am Yuventius from Flores Island. I was born here. Graduated in tourism school and bachelor of English literature in Indonesia. Firstly i started as Indonesian tour guide. Also working in some travel company. I have passionate in tourism since 1997.

Starting of tourism business

On 2010, i started personal travel business. Next two year after, we got license. Since 2012 after get license i did with small scale travel company. Grow quickly in few year. Then so since 2014 we have more than 12 peoples. Together with our team i always arrange everything. We manage together with management at the same time.

At the same time we have own fleet. Not only on the land but also on the sea. Our boat and cars are supporting field operation. This time we have some car and boat trip.

Not only online. Here is about Komodo Mega Tours

In this case is about Komodo Mega Tours Indonesia. To be sure that Komodo Mega Tours is not only working online but also off line. We are not only online market but also legal travel company. It’s making trust for all our clients or travel partner. On internet era, thousand of online market outside there. But who know they are legal or not. Sometime is difficulty but this is online era.

So far we still consistent run with legal travel company. In the hope that is more trust by clients than illegal. To go with this is in mind we always care of legality. Hope get more trusting from clients from time to time.

Where we focus? About Komodo Mega Tours

We focus Flores Komodo tours up to the present time. Our next goal is to arrange tour all over Indonesia. But we understand that need time. Since few year we have arranged some other islands. It’s beyond tour Flores Komodo. For example; tour Java, Bali, Lombok, Borneo as well as Sulawesi island.

That is to say we don’t only arrange tour Flores Komodo but also other islands. Our team always work hard every time. Not only at the office but also on the field. Yes of course. We are always changing to best travel agency. Find our service now. We are here to help you.

About Komodo Mega Tours

Look at our license below in detail. So that you know exactly who we are. Maybe you have no doubt about Komodo Mega Tours. Here is legality. Hope you are become our partner from now and next time.



Jln. Daeng Daniel, Waebo – Labuan Bajo, Flores Island Indonesia.

Legalized by Indonesia’s Minister of Law and Human Rights: AHU – 44773.AH.01.01

Registered by department of Tourism and the creative economy: PPT.503.510/X/2012

Sign listing company: TDP 2416510000125

List of company tax: 03.207.514.5.924-000

Here is official address:

Official Tel : +62(0)385 2443167

Fax ; +62(0)385 2443167

Mobile : +62(0)81 339 312 458