Tourism Flores Komodo Island

Here we would to inform tourism Flores Komodo as a tour destination in Indonesia. So far Flores Komodo become a main tourism destination in Indonesia. However it’s because many tourist attractions here. For this reason why we are here. Below is importantly tourism we have. So that you know goal of your visiting.

Kelimutu is a tourism Flores Komodo

It’s located on central of Flores Island. Kelimutu is the main tourist attraction of Flores because it’s one of the world wonderful nature and dramatic sight. Three colored lake with different from one to another. The three crater formerly of mountain eruption. Most interesting of Kelimutu lake is because of the color change any time.

Kelimutu and so much more

Not only the wonder of three crater lake, but also other interests to see. Here is the place where visitors who have special interest can see special endemic bird. Exploration can do with trekking on rain forest. Of course you need special arrangement for bird exploration. It’s more interesting as long as combination between bird exploration and see the wonder of lake.

Kelimutu National Park

Since 1985, Kelimutu become a National Park with an area 5,000 square kilometers. It’s mostly covering by spruce and other plants with category as the rain forest. Because of eruption formerly. For this reason why many hot spring resource around the area. Where local peoples or tourists make bath for treatment especially for skin problems.

Tourism supporting here

To support tourism sector here, there are many small scale hotel set up around Moni village. Moni is small village located on the slope of Kelimutu mount. Here you can find hotels and restaurant. It’s good place with great landscape by the beauty of rice filed. Here is the main place to starts to visit the lake of Kelimutu. Visitors can get local transportation either motorcycle or car as long as you don’t take travel company.

Find Moni village

Moni village can be reached from east part or west part of Flores Island. It’s take 2 hours from Maumere town, east part of Flores Island. Or you can do from Ende town on central of Flores. Accommodation is available with manual booking that phone call. The only one hotel can make online booking.

Highlight Flores tourism now

Kelimutu lake become main program each Flores Komodo tour packages in tourism Flores Komodo. It’s because Kelimutu become of Flores tourism highlight. Together with Komodo National Park, Kelimutu lake always main point of tourism Flores Komodo so far.

Komodo National Park is a tourism Flores Komodo

The most world tourist destination is the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. It’s because of Komodo dragons are living in their natural habitats at some island around the park. Komodo Dragons living at the island of Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode, Gili Motang and western part of Flores Island. Komodo National Park is top of tourism Flores Komodo in Indonesia.

Not only Komodo dragons of tourism Flores Komodo

Here also is the place for world class diving because of corals and colorful of fishes that can find everywhere on the island. It’s one most interesting tourist attraction at the islands of Komodo national park. To find wonderful of corals or colorful fishes, you do dive or snorkeling. Easy to find each island or spot around the area.

Bird exploration

Komodo National Park also is an exploration area to see endemic bird. This special interest trip. If you are a special interest, so here is right way. Some endemic are living on Komodo island so far. Need special arrangement. Also you need to get permit. Your permit letter usually get in Jakarta. Just find Forestry minister department.

Why Komodo dragons survival?

Wild life is important tourist attraction beyond Komodo dragon. Here you can see some wild life such as; Buffaloes, deer, wild board, wild horses and monkey. The wild life is main food of Komodo dragon. It’s meant that Komodo dragon can’t survive without wild life. Komodo dragon and wild life are living together each island.

Boat trip to Komodo National Park

Because Komodo National Park is covering more than 30 islands. For this reason why use boat trip. Yes of course you only use the boat for tours Komodo. This time there is many classes of the boat. Boat trip is importantly tour components here.

Classes of boat trip

For daily trip usually use deck boat or speed boat. Daily trip Komodo means start in the morning and returning in the afternoon. You stay at hotel in Labuan Bajo along the holidays. While cabin boat is using for live aboard. There are some classes of cabin boat. First is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Second is cabin boat AC but share bathroom. Third is cabin boat with private bathroom.

Choose classes of  boat trip

In general all boat is same safety equipment. No matter deck or cabin but all same standard. This is for securing your trip. Safety equipment is first thing for boat trip. Boat is under harbor authority control. But some boat not. Because they doesn’t like to pay. The solution for visitors are using travel agency.

From some classes above, you choose. Choose before departure. Since you plan, tell which boat is prefer. Together with Komodo tour package you choose a boat. To begin with communication, then you choose.

Tours Komodo National Park

All tours Komodo National Park should be through the town of Labuan Bajo, in the western part of Flores Island. But if you want to combine with Flores, so you starts from east part of Flores Island. In Flores Island, you will do with long overland along the trip. You will stop each regency every day for overnight and accommodation.

Accommodation in Labuan Bajo, Flores island

The accommodation along Flores Island is classified on small scale hotels. Except in the town of Labuan Bajo on west part of Flores Island, you can find some star hotel. Because Labuan Bajo town is one of main tourism development program in Indonesia. Here you can whatever the classes of hotel, restaurant, souvenir shops, bar or discotheque.

Premium tourism Flores Komodo

Not only support facilities but also infrastructures are well develop here. Komodo airport of the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island become an international airport. Marine port is one of the most spectacular infrastructure to support marine harbor. Hotel, restaurant, souvenir shop, boat, bar, travel agencies and more grow well here.

Tourism Flores Komodo Indonesia

It’s two main tourism Flores Komodo on the island of Flores and Komodo National Park Indonesia. Kelimutu lake and Komodo dragons are first tourism attraction. Visitors can do only see Komodo dragon at Komodo National Park with Komodo tours. Or you can make combine between Kelimutu lake at Flores Island and Komodo dragon at Komodo National Park.

How to book?

It’s easy to book. First make communication. Second is choose the Flores Komodo tour package. Third is process payment. Fourth is wait until the time of departure. Important to realize that please choose right travel agency. You know this time. Many online market on internet. But not legal. Of course is bad for you. A lot of problem are happening this time.

How to make different from legal company?

This is first thing. Second is official telephone and fax. Because official is condition before licensed by government. Third is check in detail office or not? Fourth is payment account. Usually we use company’s account. And so you are on the right way. To be sure for it now. Be careful for nonlegal travel company.

Tourism Flores Komodo in highlight

As long as you are interesting to visit both of the destination, so you can contact us. But not here. Go through our official website: Here is only tourism news.

You get in detail travel information here. Or maybe you want to make combine between Flores Island and Komodo National Park. We are here to help. Here we arrange Komodo tours and tours Flores Island from time to time. We organize in Flores Komodo tour packages up to the present time.

Welcome to Flores Island and Komodo National Park Indonesia.

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