Kelimutu Lake Flores Island

Kelimutu lake is an icon of Flores tourism. However Kelimutu lake is first goal to see on Flores island Indonesia. Because of Kelimutu lake is a wonderful nature and dramatic sight. Kelimutu lake become a first thing to remember for many tourists.

The Kelimutu lake located in the middle of Flores island. There are three crater with it’s lake. Each lake has own color. So there are three color of from three crater. It’s nature resource from biggest eruption in hundred years ago.

Locals are believing the spirit of Kelimutu lake up to the present time. For them each lake has a meaning for their life. But it’s not their religion. The spirit is using as their life. So that it’s a part of their culture. Offering is always doing every year by locals through their ancestor.

How to get there

To go there is so easy now. Because of the road is well pavement from Moni village to the parking area. You only do short trek from parking area to the top of the lake. The lake is not so far from the Flores trans. Need only one hour from the main road by a car. Or take 30 minutes by motorcycle.

First you should to get Flores island. You can do through Flores overland tour both from the west and from the east. Then find Moni village. Moni village is very important place to begin with your local transport.

Kelimutu is located of Ende regency. Maybe peoples know more about Ende than Moni village. Because of Moni is small village as starting point to see Kelimutu lake. The only place where visitors to visit the Kelimutu lake.

Moni village

Moni is a beauty village with all in all natural interesting. Local peoples are working as farmer. It’s about 1,000 meters above sea level. Grow well of cultivation. Rice field is wonderful landscape around the village.

There many hot water resource can find surrounding the village. That is using for therapy by locals. The hot water resource all coming on the slope of Kelimutu mount. From here you can see the top of Kelimutu mount as long as the weather is permitting.

Moni is the center of local accommodation. Most of tourists stay there for one night. Because of tourists need to overnight before visit to Kelimutu lake. Every hotel has own restaurant. There are also some local restaurant around the village.

Flores tour packages

Whatever the kind of package tours Flores island, Kelimutu become a first program inside. Because of Flores tour without Kelimutu lake is meaning not Flores tour package. It’s first place should to visit whatever kind of tour Flores Indonesia.

Which date to visit Kelimutu lake on programs, it’s depending on how long the tour packages. Most of programs of Flores tour packages to start from east part of Flores island. There are also to start from west Flores, but not so much.

We have three places to begin with Flores tour. Maumere town in the east part of Flores. Ende town is in the middle of Flores island. Labuan Bajo town is in the west part of Flores Island.

Flores tour operators for Kelimutu tour

This time there many tour operator in Flores island. Most of them are locals. Tour operators are the tour company to help visitors who as long as want to visit Flores. If you have travel to Flores island, then just find Flores tour operators. All tour operators of course have program to see Kelimutu lake.

Just in case how to choose the right one. Because of online era every body can sell the products on the internet with or without licensed. Easy to check between legal and illegal travel company.

First look in detail weather has or not official telephone and Fax number. The important to know when you want to pay. All legal travel company are using account of the company. Not personal bank account. That is the way how to know legal or not.

Kelimutu lake Flores island

As long as you have plan to see Kelimutu lake, so just contact us. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. You are not only to see Kelimutu lake but also many tourist attractions. Look in detail of our programs.

We have so many tour packages are offering here. You can choose which one you prefer to take. After that tell our team. Flores tour is always doing together with tours Komodo. So that you see both Kelimutu lake and Komodo Dragon. Let to find us now. Do this time. Or maybe you want to do in the next time.

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