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Kelimutu tour Flores is Flores tour packages to see wonderful three colored lake in the middle of Flores island. We offer all kind of Kelimutu Flores tour since set up. Because of Flores island is our home. From there we offer all kind Flores tours Indonesia.

Together with Komodo tour we arrange Flores tour in the form of Flores Komodo tour packages. For this reason we are here. Kelimutu lake is first goal of Flores tours Indonesia. It’s a wonderful and dramatic sight. Three crater with it’s lake with different color each lake. It’s uniquely nature of Flores Indonesia.

How to do Kelimutu tour Flores?

It’s so easy to do. Because of it’s main tour of Flores island. So that tour Flores means to see Kelimutu lake. That is all. But how to get there? So easy to get there. This time you just find three major airports of Flores island.

To do that, you should first choose from many kind of Flores tour packages. Then check your flight to Maumere or Ende town. From there you begin Kelimutu tour Flores. That is you do as long as you start from east part. But if start from west part, then find Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. From there you begin with overland tour.

So it’s clear. Then you see Kelimutu lake.

Together with Komodo tour

Tour Flores is not always to only for Flores island. But normally tourists are doing together with Komodo tour. Only few tourists do a tour for Flores island so far. But most of them do with Komodo tours.

For this reason we arrange together Flores Komodo tour from time to time. But it’s depending on your plan. Find us now. Get more information from us. Because of Kelimutu tour Flores is our first goal.

Maybe you do this time. Perhaps do in the next time. So that reach us. We give respond soon. In the hope that meet with your plans. We do any time. Of course our experience long time. And also because of Flores is our home.

Kelimutu lake Flores Island

Kelimutu Lake Flores Island

13 February 2020 442x Travel Indonesia For Flores Komodo

Kelimutu lake is an icon of Flores tourism. However Kelimutu lake is first goal to see on Flores island Indonesia. Because of Kelimutu lake is a wonderful nature and dramatic sight. Kelimutu lake become a first thing to remember for... read more

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