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Komodo tour is first offer since set up until this time. Because of the Komodo National Park is our home. The home of Komodo Dragon Island. For this reason why we arrange tour Komodo with daily departure.

First thing to remember that we arrange packages tours Komodo with private services. We don’t arrange with the system of collections, share or open trip. We only organize with private Komodo tour packages.

What to see there

Of course to see the islands of Komodo dragon. Komodo Dragon is first goal of our offers. So that you will see Komodo dragon with us through Komodo tour. However tours Komodo National Park should to start from the town of Labuan Bajo. It’s in the west part of Flores island.

From there all tour boat to begin. Your task is only to connect the flight to Labuan Bajo town. This time there are many direct flights are connecting to Labuan Bajo. Flights are connecting from many major cities in Indonesia.

After that you search package tours Komodo with Komodo travel agency. We are a Komodo travel agency since 2010. So that you can do with us for tour Komodo.

Komodo tour package Indonesia

As long as you interest, then let we know. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. So now wait your news. Maybe you want to do this time. Or perhaps to do in the next time.

From time to time we are here. In the hope that our offers meet with your plans. Join now with us. See the real of Komodo Dragon in their natural habitat. Not only Komodo Dragon to see but also corals, wildlife and so much more.

Komodo tours

Komodo Tours Indonesia

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