Tours Komodo From Bali

Tours Komodo from Bali

Tours Komodo from Bali is great way how to see Komodo dragon, wild life and wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes at the islands of Komodo national park in Indonesia.  Komodo is the greatest tours and tourism Indonesia for Komodo dragon, wild life and snorkeling or diving.

Today, Tours Komodo from Bali can depart every day since the flight between Bali and Labuan Bajo west part of Flores island is connecting more than 6 times a day. A lot of interesting to do at the islands of Komodo national park as a tourist attractions. Since Komodo island become seven natural wonder of the world since few year ago, make this destination increase visitors from year to year.

Labuan Bajo town become one of the main gate way of Indonesia tourism where the center of tourist information and using as starting point to visit the islands of Komodo national park. Infrastructure is grow fast either private or government to support tourism sector. Star hotels, restaurants, bar, souvenirs, travel agents, boat trip and other facilities become main point of tourism business that give impact to increase the employment.

Visitors can choose hotels from small, medium or star class, it depends on the budget. Boat trip is the main component on tours Komodo from Bali. No public boat serve between Labuan Bajo and the islands of Komodo national park. All boat trip is preparing for private that can depart any time you want. But since limited boat especially on high season some time many guest can’t get the boat trip. Only for visitors who use service of Travel Agent can get the boat if make prior booking.

In addition that tours Komodo from Bali need partner or get local travel agent from Flores island to get comfortable trip. Recommend Travel Company of Flores Island that base in Labuan Bajo town will cover all your need. As local travel agent, they can give visitors fully travel information about tours to Komodo national park. Carefully for illegal travel company that can’t give guarantee to secure your transaction since payment use personal account. We recommend use legal travel company for safety in payment since use company’s account when you want to pay or transfer.

Finally, as the local Travel Company of Flores Island, Komodo Mega Tours always give high qualification service to all the visitors who use our service for all kind of tours the islands of Komodo national park. Komodo Mega tours is legal Travel Company of Flores Island. Do not hesitate to contact us any time to get complete travel information about tours Komodo from Bali.