Rinca island trip

Rinca Island Trip Daily

Rinca island is the second biggest  island on Komodo National Park Indonesia. It’s one of the best place to see Komodo dragon. Located in the east part of Komodo island or south of Flores island. About 198 square kilometers, Rinca is one of most important zone of Komodo National Park. More then 1000 Komodo dragons are living on the island so far. Not only Komodo dragon but also other wild animals are living on Rinca Island.

Here is the best place for making long trek. Because Rinca island is showing the great landscape. The topography is mountainous and hilly covering all over the land. It’s covering by savannas and monsoon forest. The island is showing completely as the main tourist destination for the islands of Komodo national park.

As long as visitors want to see either the great  landscape or Komodo dragon, so Rinca island is the best choice. Here is the pace you can see all wild animal than Komodo island. Buffaloes, deer, wild horses, monkey, wild board and some kind of birds can find here. During the activity, visitors can see some of the wild animals. All wild animals are living in their natural habitat.

That is reason why our agent always make with Eco trip all over the Rinca island. Because it’s the best place to do it. There are many place can do for Eco trip around the island. As long as travelers have enough time for holidays, so you can ask to make Eco tours with our travel company.

How to get Rinca island

To get Rinca island can starts from the town of Labuan Bajo. It’s the only place you can if you are in western part of Flores Island. Labuan Bajo is the capital of western Flores region. To reach Rinca island is only use boat trip or speed boat. The boat or speed boat are preparing by locals in the town of Labuan Bajo. But must be booking before begin the trip. Because its important to keep the schedule.

I suggest to book the boat with local agent for secure and safety guarantee. It will support with high standard qualification for all guest. Of course will make your holidays is safe and get comfortable trip. The boat that book with agent will goes control by master harbor before departure.

But please consider also about local travel agent about legality and the qualification. Its very important to safe and legal transaction. Payment process will you know that the legal or not. Because you know legal travel agent always use company account. Its only to know that visitors can decide before holidays. 

Maybe not well-known as far as Komodo island but Rinca still become favorites island for visitors. Today there many tourist visit every day. Especially who make trip only two days for holidays to our region. Its only 1 hours by local wooden boat from Labuan Bajo town. Or take 25 minutes by the speed boat from the town of Labuan Bajo.

It’s one the best place doing one day trip starts and ending in Labuan Bajo town. Visitors not only visit Rinca island but also other island. Normally if do trip one day, so Bidadari island will visit also Bidadari for snorkeling. Maybe you can do more to visit the island.

Rinca Island Trip

Rinca island will become a main place to see Komodo dragon as long as Komodo island going to close next year. According to the local government Komodo island will close on First January 2020. So Rinca island will the main place to see Komodo dragons and wild life. For further travel information just go visit our site: https://www.komodomegatours.com/komodo-tour-packages/

Rinca Island Trip

Although on planing of local government to close Komodo island but the important thing to see on Komodo National Park is Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons and wild life can see on Rinca island. Rinca is the second biggest island on Komodo National Park where more than 1000 dragons are living on natural habitat.