Komodo Island in the planned closure in 2020

Komodo island

Komodo island is the biggest island of the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. It’s the island that in polemic because planned closure by governor of East Nusa Tenggara province. It’s making polemic to tourism industry, local community and relevant business. The polemic is coming either tourism business, locals or other sector of local government. What reason why Komodo island in the planned closure in 2020 by the governor of East Nusa Tenggara province? If the reason for nature conservation, so the question is what is going after closed? What the governor should be doing? Any question is coming through this polemic.

The solution is not to close but how to make good regulation to secure the nature and habitat. Closure is not the solution for conservation either for nature or animals on Komodo island. No reason if Komodo national park is close to answer the problem. It’s not relate to the point of problem. However it will risk to the multi role. Also contradiction with conservation low. However, conservation is total protection either nature or the following habitat in the park.

Since the news about planning closure of the island of Komodo, the demand of tourist visits to the Komodo National Park has declined greatly. Many travel agents complain about this condition. This is the biggest impact on the revenue of service business and tour guide. This situation makes tourism business entrepreneurs will reduce the labor of their respective business.

The planned the closure of Komodo island will have an impact on multi-sector because it does not only have an impact to the tourism industry. Because tourism industry will run well if the cross-sectors are also synergy. This must be understood by the province authority who want to close the Komodo in January, 2020.

Of course, this plan must be reconsidering more mature. So that this plan must be cancel by looking for other solution that are not bad for the community economy. Because the province of East Nusa Tenggara does not have any industrial to change the economy of the locals. This province is largest contributor to labor abroad.

East Nusa Tenggara is one of the province in Indonesia, that does not job for the peoples. But turn out of plan is close since tourism industry should be sector to reduces unemployment. This is unreasonable when the closing discourse main island of Komodo. Although it’s only an island of Komodo national park but it’s implication of visitors.

It’s not the solution but to reduce employment either int the tourism business also other sectors. The government presence’s is certainly to meet the needs of the people through development and policies. It is not the reverse to turn off the welfare of it’s peoples. Hope change the solution to this plan, so tours Komodo island is running.

How to know Komodo Island is closing?

To know exactly when Komodo island is closing, so please ask to your partner or agent. Because it’s important before decide to visit Komodo National Park. Because there are other islands can see Komodo dragon beyond Komodo island.

Komodo Island Beyond

As long as Komodo island is closing, so Rinca is first place to see Komodo dragon. Also other wild life. Rinca island is the best place for trekking. Rinca is the second biggest island at Komodo National park. Please arrange accordingly with your travel agent.