Jakarta Komodo Tours

Jakarta Komodo tours

Jakarta Komodo tours is new way to make tours to the islands of Komodo national park starts from Jakarta. Because since October 2016, Garuda air lane operates direct flight from Jakarta¬† to Labuan Bajo/Flores Island. As long as your entry point is Jakarta city to visit Indonesia, so it’s good news. So, if you have plan to see Komodo Dragon, wild life, wonder of corals and color of fishes then you can do from Jakarta city.

Firstly, we would to inform visitors that new route of Jakarta to Labuan Bajo town can make easy than before. Because to make tours to Komodo national park as far as this time, only serve from Bali Island. It’s new gate way how to see Komodo dragon at Komodo national park beyond Bali Island. That is reason why we make Jakarta Komodo tours on our travel marketing in our tourism business.

However, It makes travelers can choose some options to reach the islands of Komodo national park. Travelers can reach Labuan Bajo town only 2.30 minutes then go visit the islands of Komodo dragons. We give appreciation to Garuda airlines that give opportunity either for travel company or visitors who want to visit Komodo national park. Garuda airlines give so much easiness for travelers who have plan to make holidays for Jakarta Komodo tours.

Jakarta Komodo tours can make visitors easy to do on holidays either for Flores island or Komodo national park. It will increase tourists to visit both of destination and so, give positive impact to the locals. Compare in the past time, that you should transit in Bali if you starts from Jakarta for Komodo tours. It’s making loose the time on first day of the program on Jakarta Komodo tours.

As a local travel company of Flores Island, we welcome the program of Garuda airline to open new route to visit Flores Island and Komodo. We wan to make Jakarta Komodo tours will become main offers of our Flores Komodo tour packages. So, travelers can see our Komodo tour packages as our new offers on our travel company.

In addition, Jakarta Komodo tours become a great way to see the islands of Komodo dragon, wild life, wonder of corals and colorful of fishes. Appreciations we give to the travelers as long as contact our travel company for your holidays to Komodo and Flores Island.