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Flores Komodo Tourism Indonesia

Flores Komodo tourism so far is growing well. Not only increasing of visitors but also impact to the locals. This time Flores Komodo tourism become main sector. Because absolutely can grow economic. Now is putting


Since the era of 1970 up, Flores Komodo tourism growing with a lot of challenge. It’s because of less of infrastructure especially tourism supporting facilities. Such as; accommodation, restaurant, communication, travel agencies and transportation either land, air  or sea. Most of visitors of this era do the traveling with their own.

On this era visitors use very hard adventure. Travelers do whatever happening on the way according to the local condition. No communication and also no accommodation to stay. Hotels are only at the capital of regency. Accommodation was small scale hotel. Whatever the challenge of this era, maybe become our story today. It’s a part of tourism development in our region.

Up to present time

Starts 2000, Flores Komodo tourism grow with fully infrastructures following by tourist supporting facilities. Since at the time tourism become on of the main sector of the local government. Tourism sector become an high income either for government or local peoples. It’s make economic growth going better especially on east and west part region on the island.

Two of firstly main destination

Flores Komodo tourism consist of two part of the destination. Firstly is Komodo National Park. It’s the world tourist destination because of well-known by Komodo Dragons. Other interesting is wonder of corals and fishes, wild life, nature and so much more. The only place in the world where we can find Komodo dragon in their natural habitat. Also Komodo National Park is one world class of diving spot.

Furthermore about Komodo National park

Covering more than 30 islands on Komodo National Park, so become an amazing place for tourism destination. The biggest island is Komodo. Where become the of Dragon, national park and the island of Komodo. Since 2013 Komodo island become one of the seven natural wonders of the world.Since at the time Komodo tourism grow very fast following by yearly increasing of visitors either domestic or overseas tourists.

Positive impact this time

Komodo tourism become top of sector for local government because make grow local economic. More than 6,000 employments working on tourism sector in any part of tourism sector. Such as; hotel, restaurant, travel agencies, transportation, boutique, souvenir shop and more.

Different from other activities

Mostly tourists who visit the islands of Komodo national park to see Komodo dragons and under water life. It’s combine to do the activities either land or sea. Here visitors doing some trek to see Komodo dragon and other wild life. While travelers doing snorkeling or diving to see wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes.

Some activity also can do here are studying, researching and bird exploration. Of course the activities need special arrangement either with government or travel agency. Also visitors can do Eco tours discover the beaten area around the park. It’s special and most interesting tourist attraction here. Yes of course need special arrangement with local agent.

Major islands

The major island on Komodo National Park is Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang. Here also you can find the Komodo dragon living their natural habitat. But the main important island to see Komodo dragons is Rinca and Komodo Island. Both of these island is same topography and habitat but different total of Komodo. And also you can’t find monkey on Komodo Island. Visitors only find monkey at Rinca Island. To get further information about the islands of Komodo national park can go the following link: tours Komodo National Park.

Great Indonesia tourism

Flores tourism  is one of the main tourism destination in Indonesia. Located in east part of Bali Island that can entry from many city of the Indonesia’s island. Land, sea and air transportation are well connected today. Flores island is well-known by wonderful of Kelimutu three colored lake. Kelimutu lake is one of world wonder and dramatic sight.

Other highlight tourism is Riung 17 islands for marine life, traditional villages or house, hand weaving, nature, culture and tradition. Flores peoples are speaking in 5 local languages with real different language. Also each regency run different tradition. Most interesting to see is landscape along the land. It’s because topography is mountainous and hilly.

Tours Flores Komodo

As long as you want to make tours, so point your flight to Flores Island. You can starts from Jakarta city on Java Island. Also the main important connection to Flores Island is Bali. Maybe you are in other islands. So just point to Flores Island from other city in Indonesia. If you want to do both of destination, so we recommend starts from east part of Flores island.

But if you only make Komodo tours, so just point the flight to west Flores Island. The airport of Flores Island; Frans Seda airport is located in Maumere town, east part of Flores Island. Ende airport is Ende airport located in central of Flores Island. Komodo airport is located in Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores Island.

Flores Komodo tourism

Flores Komodo tourism can’t separately in tour activity. Because all visitor who want to visit the islands of Komodo national park should go through Flores Island. Traveler can’t go directly to Komodo National Park without transit in Flores Island. Every traveler should go to the town of Labuan Bajo in west part of Flores Island.

Here is the only place you can make tours to Komodo National Park. Labuan Bajo town, is the center of tourism activity where all tourism supporting facilities can find here. Boat as the main important tour component to make trip to Komodo National Park, only find in harbor of Labuan Bajo.

Flores Komodo tourism

To make tours to Komodo National park travelers should using the boat. Boat is available only in the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island. Labuan Bajo town, is the only gate way to visit the islands of Komodo national park.

As long as travelers come with good budget, so speed boat is right choose to do. But if you like to make stay on the boat, so travelers choose the boat trip.

While in Flores Island, travelers doing with overland. You can do in private or public transportation. Public transportation can chosen by travelers  either air condition car or without AC. Private car serve travelers with air condition. So, you just choose which one is prefer doing on traveling.

Welcome to Flores Island and Komodo national Park in Indonesia.

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