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From time to time we arrange 3D2N Komodo tour Indonesia. Visit the island of Rinca and Komodo. It’s on Komodo National park Indonesia. However 3D2N Komodo tour Indonesia is the best tour package up to the present time. We do the tour package since set up until this time.

You can choose the options of 3D2N Komodo tour Indonesia there. We have three options. First is two night stay on the boat. Second is two night stay at hotel. Third is one night stay on boat and one night stay at hotel. You choose after get explanation from our team.

Which islands to visit there

Of course you visit several islands. But most important islands to visit are Rinca and Komodo island. Rinca is second largest island. While Komodo is first largest island. Those are the very important islands to visit from time to time.

What to see there

On 3D2N Komodo tour Indonesia of course see Komodo dragons. They are living on several islands. But here you only see at Komodo and Rinca island. Because of they are living on those islands.

You are not only see Komodo dragons there but also so many more. Wild life, corals, nature and so much more. Along tour you see a lot of thing on the way.

How to get Rinca and Komodo island

This time is easy to reach those islands. Need only three hours from Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. From there all tours Komodo island to start. From there also all tour boat to start.

You only need to point your flight to Labuan Bajo town. So far you can connect from several major cities in Indonesia. Jakarta, Bali island and Surabaya are main places to begin with your flight. We suggest to issue return flight tickets. So that you can decide length of stay.

Book 3D2N Komodo tour Indonesia with us

As long as you are interesting with 3D2N Komodo tour Indonesia, let we know. For this reason why we are here. We here to help you. Hope meet with your plans. Come and join us this time or next time.

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