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Kelimutu lake Flores Island

Kelimutu Lake Flores Island

13 February 2020 442x Travel Indonesia For Flores Komodo

Kelimutu lake is an icon of Flores tourism. However Kelimutu lake is first goal to see on Flores island Indonesia. Because of Kelimutu lake is a wonderful nature and dramatic sight. Kelimutu lake become a first thing to remember for... read more


Komodo Island Not Closed

10 February 2020 318x Travel Indonesia For Flores Komodo

Finally that Komodo island is not to close on 2020. But newest plans of Indonesian government to rise up the entrance fee. It’s not only Komodo island but also around the area. It’s new polemic for locals and tourism business.... read more

Komodo island

Komodo Island in the planned closure in 2020

27 February 2019 459x Travel Indonesia For Flores Komodo

Komodo island is the biggest island of the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. It’s the island that in polemic so far. Because of planned closure by governor of East Nusa Tenggara province. It’s making polemic to tourism industry, local community... read more

Tourism Flores Komodo

Tourism Flores Komodo Island

26 February 2018 315x Travel Indonesia For Flores Komodo

Here we would to inform tourism Flores Komodo as a tour destination in Indonesia. So far Flores Komodo become a main tourism destination in Indonesia. However it’s because many tourist attractions here. For this reason why we are here. Below... read more

Komodo tours

Komodo Tours Indonesia

2 December 2017 385x Travel Indonesia For Flores Komodo

Komodo tours is the key of all kind of tours to Komodo National Park Indonesia discover the islands of Komodo dragon. So it’s the way to find Komodo dragon on their natural habitat. The main goal of Komodo tours is... read more

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